Who We Are

Founded by Joel in 2018. Canine Behaviorist is a Dedicated Team of Pet behaviorists, Loving Caretakers and Trainers, Based in Kampala, Uganda

Canine Dimensions was founded by nationally known trainer and dog behavior expert . In 2018, after years of study and research, he blended the best components of existing dog training programs and added some intuitive methodology based on his observations of how dogs communicate with one another. The resulting 3-phase dog training model was a powerful, naturally balanced system which produced astonishingly fast results. That was when the Canine Behaviorists system was born.

A Canine Behaviorists dog trainer will come to your home, work with your family and your dog, and custom design a training program to help you have the polite, obedient, well-mannered dog you’ve always wanted. Every dog is unique. But regardless of age, breed, background, temperament, drive, or personality - any dog can be trained!
Our trainer will help you to better understand and manage your dog's behavior, yielding an enhanced relationship that is more relaxed and enjoyable for you, your family and your dog.

What we do is simple, natural and dog-friendly

What makes us different?
Developed in Uganda, our simple, natural and dog-friendly training techniques use the same communication methods – body language and voice control – that dogs follow naturally

With training taking place at your home, you’ll see amazing results with your dog with in a short time. Continueous improvements are observed  since our trainers leave assignments with pet care takers to practice.

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Joel & Editah!

Cabine Behaviorists was founded in Uganda 6 years ago by Joel and Editah, both expert dog trainers. During their over 10 years managing pets Joel would observe and analyze the behavior and communication methods of the hundreds of dogs that they handled in thier training journey. Saddened that so many dogs were dumped for behavioral issues, Joel knew these problems stemmed from lack of proper knowledge about pet behavior management. He also knew that he could help resolve them.

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

Our Dog Training journey begun in 2012. We pride ourselves on having the best, knowledgeable, least judgemental and most friendly dog trainers in the business! We love dogs and we work hard every day to make sure that they all have a chance at a happy, stress-free life with their owners! We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, we train the dog in front of us! We are staffed with amazing trainers from a variety of backgrounds.
We’ve trained 1000's of dogs to be great members of their household!

Allan Nduga

Dog Trainer​

I have loved working with animals for as long as I can remember.

I’ve worked with a range of dogs with varying needs: families with new puppies learning that the modern world isn’t a scary place; adolescent dogs whose humans are having a hard time with their teenager transitioning into adulthood; and reactive dogs who need help working through their emotional trauma. With each of these situations, I’m always amazed with how much we can learn from our dogs by learning to read their behaviors. I strive to teach the human half of the relationship the tools to understand this language so that they can offer their dogs help, give gentle guidance, and build a fulfilling relationship.

Editah Kemigisha

Dog Trainer​

I’ve always had a fascination with the human-dog bond…

So much is possible if we are open to hearing what they are communicating to us! It’s my passion to help humans and their dogs learn to coexist in a way that builds a lasting and trusting bond. I’m committed to using positive training techniques that are based in science to do that.

Wish to Take a Trial?

Our trainer will help you to better understand and manage your dog's behavior, yielding an enhanced relationship that is more relaxed and enjoyable for you, your family and your dog.